Being Human BH27 e cycle

Being Human BH27E cycle
Shimano Gears
Features in the distance
Shimano 7 speed gearbox with thumb shifter

LED headlight
E-Cycle is coming with Super Bright LED headlight to make the riding experience as safe as possible.

Leadership Demonstrations
An LED monitor that shows, the battery level and voltage on the handlebar the wishful information logically organised in a user-friendly and seamless manner.

Our premium-quality, sturdy and lightweight steel frame is developing specifically for the e-cycle for added premium-hardness and rigidity.

Both wheels of the Being Human e-cycle come with excellent quality mechanical disc brakes.

In the context of Being Human bh27 e-bicycle wheels, our overall focus is on stability and safety. With 26 “X 2.10” high-quality nylon tires, we only use products that meet our high requirements.

The extremely compact and quiet 250W brushless DC motor is in the rear hub with 36W voltage that powers the Being Human bh27 E-Cycle. At speeds up to 25 km / h (with automatic cut-off enabled), you will get a unique driving experience.

The Being Human E-Cycle comes with an adjustable front suspension to ensure a smooth ride even when there are no roads.

E-bike in Delhi
Most electric bikes in Delhi work differently. They have compact electric motors (or mounted in the middle of the bike and attached to a pedal sprocket) in the rear or front wheel hubs. This bike is a simple brushless motor of a PC cooling fan, but it works just as big as the hub motor of a bike. Electric bikes in Delhi are more popular now.

Therefore, we had a few weeks to test out the Being Human e-bike. The Being Human brand has diversified into clothing and now into the future e-bike and electric mobility products.

The bike looks stunning and is the most beautiful looking e-bike in the Indian market.

Being a Humane BH27 e-bike was kindly put on to us by a Pune seller for a few weeks. I’m using friends visiting e-bikes, doing some work, travelling from one end of the city to the other, and companies in India have made the long trip to a beautiful lake nearby.

Human E Cycle Showroom in Delhi

A legal human distributor and the partner company of Being Human E-cycles showroom in Delhi, start by none other than Salman Khan through its foundation Being Human.

Companies, which have been serving the market for the last 51 years, all get promotions. They have been offering high-quality architectural solutions to the Indian market since 1993. After various products made their presence known by the successful establishment of their name, It decided to spread its wings to reach new wings and increase its output. It has always planned to introduce excellent technology and high-quality products and endorse products with high standards of service. Because of this approach, it has now entered into a contract with the subsidiary, a company owned by Being Human E-cycles showroom in Delhi, to launch them in the North Indian market.


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